Please join me in my Cinderella journey but realize that i do not sugar coat, content might be risque at times and yes i swear….FULL DISCLOSURE!

Have you ever felt so unhappy in life that you decide to get the strength from nowhere and do the most daring thing that you could imagine…to pursue your dreams!

YES if you think about it pursuing your dreams is the most daring but satisfying thing that one can do. We all always say i wish i could do this or i wish i could do that but what you don’t realize is that YOU CAN DO IT….Just F****ing DO IT.  STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

So what was my dream??? independence, true love, and happiness. So, i guess you are asking yourself what was your situation??? Very complex, very traditional…unhappily marry by choice. WTF does that mean??? LOL I said complex…well let’s rewind to my childhood.

I was an only child from the marriage with a half brother younger than me. Yes… My dad had an affair and was not even a year into the marriage. Take notes… because i honestly believe that our fears and frustration during adulthood are all derive from how we were brought up.

So, an only child overprotected to the point where i had no social skills. I was not allowed to go out to play, no sleepovers, no going to library for my homework i had everything at home so that i was safe…is that really safety??? The answer is no. What my parents didn’t realize was that instead of protecting me they were hurting me.

My mom was like a sergeant or should i say a tyrant…so fucking strict, no love, no kisses, no sign of affection whatsoever. To the point were my toys were her choice. Pathetic…

My dad was my everything…loving, funny, playful. Now keep in mind that i’m hispanic born in the Dominican Republic and arrived to the US when I was 6 or 7 years old. We moved back to the D.R when i was 13. So, you might be asking yourself why we moved back? Well let me tell you i was going to a horrible Junior High IS 195…how can i forget that Roberto Clemente in Washington Heights in New York.

I would get ambushed almost everyday at school by the stairs and a group of girls would pull my pony tails. As i write this it comes to my mind that i was so overprotected that my dad would do my hair in the morning and it was not pretty…because honestly i was  unable to think for myself or do anything that a normal girl would do. So sad… I had no voice, no personality, i was so shy, i felt awkward and ugly like the  “ugly duckling”.

To be continued…


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